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Neighbors 4 Neighbors "Skip Lunch for Louie"

When Louie Baily was killed by a motorist while riding his bike, neighbors and local business owners came together to raise awareness for the working homeless, just like Louie. For four consecutive days over the lunch hour, Alliance Energy Services teamed with other local businesses and held up signs at local intersections where Louie rode his bike from business to business selling flowers and trinkets. Neighbors 4 Neighbors skipped lunch in remembrance of Louie and to help support Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

UMKC Community Lab Partner

In association with the University of Missouri, Kansas City, AES partnered with students from UMKC's Managing for Sustainability program. Students and AES leadership worked together to find sustainable solutions within the newly acquired AES office building. The student-led program offered solutions from incorporating an aggressive recycling program to providing research on the company's carbon footprint. The students also provided cost/benefit information on the "green" office plan and also researched strategies to reduce our energy consumption.

"This program definitely helped to focus some of our efforts on being responsible to our environment," said Scott Stalcup, AES Vice President "We appreciate the high level of research and end results the students supplied us with. The Community Lab program was a great success."

Bike MS

Several members of Alliance Energy Services joined together with 12 of their family and friends to ride the Bike MS in September 2009. The two day, 150 mile, bike ride through western Missouri included nearly 2,000 riders who rose over $1,100,000.00. AES is proud to be part of this worthy cause to raise awareness and help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

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